Shoulder Pain -  Dr. Bailey is great. I have been seeing him for 5 years, mainly for my neck and back. Treatment has always helped. But last year, I couldn't even lift my arm. I went to other doctors without help. They told me that I would never get better. They were wrong. Dr. Bailey began working on my shoulder and now I am as good as new. Thank you .  Bev F.

Lower Back Pain and Headache Dr. Bailey is one of the best chiropractors that my wife and I have ever visited. He takes a full background in order to figure out what has contributed to and is causing your current pain. I came in because I had hip pain and lower back pain that was so painful it was preventing me from running. Within a few visits I had noticeable improvement and at the end of two weeks I was running without pain. Because he was so successful in helping my hip pain, my wife went into see him for TMJ. She was in considerable pain and suffered from headaches everyday. She also had noticeable improvement within just a few visits and after a couple of weeks of treatment her jaw pain is nearly 100 percent better and has not suffered from another headache.  Luke G.

Fibromyalgia - Do you have fibromyalgia like I do?  Everything hurts all the time and even short walks are difficult.  Then, I had a small falling accident.  I needed help.  My family had all seen Dr. Bailey, DC of Rocklin.  Everyone in my family was helped by Dr. Bailey; each of them had nothing but praise for his care.

 After several appointments with Dr. Bailey, I realized that I was walking smoothly and had a great reduction in pain. 

 Dr. Bailey has a fantastic gifted touch with his hands.  One can feel that he understands the human muscle groups more than any other medical practitioner you’ll ever see!  Even when WE cannot feel the core area that is giving the trouble—the very target spots that need to be addressed in healing, Dr. Bailey finds them immediately.  Yes, I have been too many chiropractors over the years, but never have I had such a gifted one.  Please know that if you need help, Dr. Bailey is the one to choose.  Thank you, Doctor Bailey for your commitment to help us all.   Marilyn B.

Sports Injury - Dr.Bailey is one of the best ciropractors out there! It was very crucial for me as a college athlete to be injury free and when I needed a quick fix he was always there to put me back together. He was very determined to make me better and his establishment made me feel very comfortable. He is great! Thank you Dr. Bailey.  Stephanie R.

Auto Accident - Dr.Bailey is a genius!! I was in a car accident and had gone to medical doctors and physical therapy spending lots of money...only 3 visits to Dr. Baileys and I'm back in the gym and getting back to work. I don't need pain pills to sleep either! I definitely recommend anyone come to see him ASAP!  Amanda G.

Lower Back Pain - I have been seeing Dr Bailey for 3 months and what he has done for me is amazing. My first visit made me a patient for life. My job keeps me partially bent over all day long so my low pack kills me & often pinches a spot that makes it almost impossible to walk without pain. Dr Bailey has worked kinks free from my back that have been painful for years. He is conservative in adjustments and always knows how much you can handle at one visit. I have been to chiropractors in the past that are so aggressive in adjusting everything at once that you feel worse the next day, Dr Bailey would never make that mistake. Most of all he is always there when I need to come in, I never know what time I will get off work so it is hard for me to make an appointment without having time to kill before driving home. They are so amazing I just drive over when I get off work and I am always seen within 10 minutes. Very affordable & flexible office too. Thank you Dr Bailey you are amazing .  Manda Y.

Sleeping Difficulties - I was seeing another local chiropractor for 3 weeks since I was not able to sleep for a full 8 hours due to back pain. The previous doctor would just crack my back lay me on a roller bed, and be done with me. One of my co-workers who was aware of what I was going through recommended Dr Bailey. I was highly impressed with the interview questions to help determine the cause of my back pain, and after the first visit, I slept for a full 8 hours. Before that I wouldn't sleep through the night without waking up in pain for 3 months including the 3-4 weeks that I spent with the other Chiropractor. Dr Bailey listens and knows exactly what to do. I highly recommend him. I just felt like a number at the previous doctor's office but with the staff of Dr Bailey, makes me feel like family. Don't go to anyone else.  Josh M.